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34 Coconut Creek Florida Single Family Homes Sold In August 2011

Coconut Creek Real Estate Single Family Market Home Update For August 2011 Presented By Realtor Michael Citron

Property Address Type Of Listing Community Price Beds/Baths Square Feet
7427 NW 51st Way Short Sale Country Woods $290,000 4/3 2,637
7321 NW 44th Lane Regular Sale Sable Pines $285,000 4/2 1,994
4329 NW 41st Lane Regular Sale Coquina $275,000 4/3 2,394
5501 NW 54th Lane Bank Foreclosure Winston Park $275,000 4/3 2,149
3811 NW 71st Street Regular Sale Wildwood Estates $270,000 5/3 2,552
5230 NW 51st Court Regular Sale Winston Park $260,000 4/3 1,952
6134 NW 45th Ter Regular Sale Sunrise Estates $257,750 4/2 1,897
4393 NW 51st Court Bank Foreclosure Winston Park $245,900 4/2 2,219
4952 Egret Court Regular Sale Regency Lakes $230,000 4/2.5 2,137
3769 NW 62nd Court Regular Sale Cocobay $230,000 3/2.5 2,127
4411 NW 65th Street Short Sale Sorbet $225,000 4/2.5 2,286
4401 NW 3rd Street Regular Sale Regency Lakes $200,000 3/2 1,631
3994 Crescent Creek Dr Short Sale Coconut Point $196,500 3/2.5 1,801
5433 NW 50th Court Short Sale Windermere $195,000 3/2 1,404
1918 NW 48th Avenue Regular Sale Buttonwood $192,900 3/2 1,406
6020 NW 44th Avenue Bank Foreclosure Sorbet $185,000 3/2.5 1,800
6151 NW 42nd Ter Regular Sale Winston Park $180,000 3/2.5 1,434
5819 Eagle Cay Te Short Sale Regency Lakes $180,00 4/2.5 1,912
2366 34th Avenue Short Sale Centura $176,000 4/2.5 2,310
6001 NW 42nd Avenue Short Sale Winston Park $175,900 3/2.5 1,505
721 NW 43rd Avenue Regular Sale Edgefield $175,000 3/2 1,989
5250 NW 49th Street Short Sale Winston Park $170,000 3/2.5 2,152
2210 NW 34th Te Regular Sale Centura $167,000 3/2 1,805
2031 NW 40th Avenue Short Sale Winston Park $160,000 3/2 2,069
5311 Eagle Cay Way Back Foreclosure Regency Lakes $159,900 3/2.5 1,698
711 NW 43rd Avenue Regular Sale Edgefield $152,000 3/2 1,794
2440 Ginger Avenue Regular Sale Tartan $145,000 3/2 1,970
3621 NW 19th Street Bank Foreclosure Centura $145,000 3/2 1,785
4410 NW 9th Street Bank Foreclosure Edgefield $145,000 4/2 2,192
4111 7th Street Bank Foreclosure Centura $144,900 3/2 1,684
4420 NW 4th Court Bank Foreclosure Centura $142,873 3/2 1,592
4321 NW 10th Street Short Sale Edgefield $124,000 2/2 1,159
4342 Acacia Circle Regular Sale Tartan $105,500 2/2 1,279
4485 Cardia Circle Bank Foreclosure Tartan $85,000 2/2 1.420

There were 34 total single family sales for the month of Auguest, 2011 ranging in price from $85,000 to $357,000. Last month, there were 27 total single family home sales. There were 7 more homes sold in Coconut Creek in the month of August, 2011 than in July, 2011.

Among the 34 sales for the month of August, 19 were distressed sales (bank foreclosures, corporate owned, or short sales).
56% of the sales were distressed ones. Inventory on homes that are not distressed are at record low’s.  For instance, in the past 6 months, over half of all Coconut Creek single family homes sales are distressed. As a result if you are looking to purchase a home in Coconut Creek and do not want to wait 6-12 months for a short sale to get approved by the banks, then you will not have a large selection of available non-distressed properties for sale.  I strongly believe that the lack of inventory on the market in Coconut Creek, Florida is a direct result of regular listings for sale.  Every non-distressed home for sale in our city that is priced well sells in days, not months.  As a result, as more and more of the distressed home inventory in Coconut Creek is sold to investors and patient buyers, the overall Coconut Creek real estate market will stabilize in the coming months and into 2012.

Mortgage interest rates are truly at record low numbers. There has never been a better time to purchase Coconut Creek or South Florida homes. But, home costs will increase in the coming months, as interest rates will rise. Also, mortgage regulations will also tighten, making now the best time to get off the real estate fence and make a home purchase.

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