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No Panic For The Economy – Coconut Creek Real Estate Buyers Read

In the past couple weeks, we have all heard the news about our current economic situation.  Consumer confidence has fallen to an all-time low that has not been seen in 30 years.  This consumer uncertainty does have a negative impact on our economy.

Mark Zandi, of MoodyEconomy, stated that, “Confidence normally reflects economic conditions; it doesn’t shape them…Yet at times, particularly during economic turning points, cause and effect can shift. Sentiment can be so harmed that businesses, consumers and investors freeze up, turning a gloomy outlook into a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is one of those times.”

But, what does the data actually show?  Should we only listen to the news reports?  We decided to look at the numbers more closely from a year ago until today, and here it what we found:

These above numbers on the chart are certainly nothing worth celebrating.  But, we want our clients to know that despite what the press is saying, our market is not falling down from the sky.

Bottom Line:
The current economy and market conditions are not in dire straits.  We are advising our real estate clients to make informed decisions and to know that there is no need to panic.  Mortgage interest rates have dropped again, and Coconut Creek and South Florida real estate has never been more affordable than right now!

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